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Elevate your Guest Experience

From greeting guests, running orders, bussing tables and even cleaning floors, HelloGard
StaffSolv robots tackle the small stuff so you can focus on delivering exceptional service
crafting enhanced experiences

Greeter robot

Temi V3 can welcome people into the casino as a host and can announce a hot-seat. HelloGard will develop a branded android app which supports such type of services. Temi V3 will be both operatively helpful and draw customers’ attention to the casino.


Delivery robot

Keenon T5 and Temi GO is the perfect solution for food, drinks and open tray running.

Deliver food, drinks or anything you wish in restaurants, food courts, offices, retail and more. Autonomous point to point delivery system, will take the items from point A to B flawlessly and continue to the next task. Fully controlled by on screen commands, voice and temi center platform


Cleaning robot

Our next-generation all-in-one commercial cleaning robot Phantas boldly integrates 4 floor cleaning modes: Vacuuming, Sweeping, Scrubbing and Dust Mopping.

Phantas_front (1).webp
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