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HelloGard Delivery Robot T5

Restaurant Staffing Solution


SLAM Positioning and Navigation Technology

Equipped with HelloGard's SLAM (Synchronous Localization and Map construction system) the HelloGard T5 Robot can run with stability and efficiency in restaurants and other hospitality applications. With multi-sensor fusion algorithms, such as the encoder, gyroscope (IMU), lidarodom, LIDAR, image module, UWB and WIFI, ensuring accuracy and  productivity. 

Multi-machine Intelligence

Through the intelligent coordination of the self-developed communication system, this allow businesses to program multiple robots to work in teams and optimize the implementation of the HelloGard T5 robots in the area. 


Omnidirectional Obstacle Sensor

LIDAR, depth  vision, stereo vision (RGBD), collision sensor, and infrared ranging depth vision allows the HelloGard T5 robot to be more flexible and effectively move among obstacles with ease. The HelloGard T5 robot is easily programmable with the Android companion app.

Superior Reaction Times

The HelloGard T5 Robot boast reaction times within a fraction of a second.


Machine Vision

Machine Vision compelements the LiDAR system to intelligently avoid obstacles.

Smart Scheduling

The HelloGard T5 Robot leverages Smart Scheduling using cloud-based computing to ensure maximum efficiency.

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