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Providing Cost Effective
Robotic Staffing Solutions 

Introducing temi GO

Meet Your New Staffing Solution

We're assisting providers and administrators with an easy-to-use platform to help the national labor shortages within the senior living, healthcare, and hospitality verticals.

20% of the hospital, healthcare, and hospitality workforce have left the industry, creating an unprecedented opportunity for technology to step in and fill the void. Our breakthrough technology combines sensors, NLP Natural language processing, and robotics with community-based content and analytics.

HelloGard StaffSolv reduces staff burn-out and increase efficiency by 10%, creating happier and safer employee and employers by making quality care easier to provide and saving money for families and those providing care. 


It also works as a business intelligence that analyzes resident behavior, tracks performance, optimizes operations, predicts success, and discovers issues. 

The Benefits

Staffsolv is having an impact in senior living.


Check-ins &

Temperature Trends


Daily Activity &

Engagement Tracking Reports


$3.5 / hr vs 

Regular Staffing Cost $20-50


Reduced On-Site

Doctor Visits


1 HelloGard = 24 hours of 



Real-time Access to Data for Better Decision Making


Improves Satisfaction


Increases Occupancy

Making Better Quality 

Care Easier to Provide


HelloGard brings the best of innovation, design, and robotics as a service to senior living, healthcare, and hospitality. It also provides new-age staffing and efficiency solutions based on years of research, development, and customer feedback. HelloGard has effectively created workflows for operational efficiencies.

HelloGard Robotics in FordAV Innovate Showcase Grand Opening

Hardware Solutions

HelloGard is equipped with cutting-edge hardware to protect your communities/businesses safely.

HelloGard Screen

It is a thermal scanner with high-resolution thermographic technology. Also, it is the fastest speed, highly accurate, and FDA Registered Integrated Temi V2 robotics with the best voice system, navigation, and engagement.

​The mobility of Temi Go: Delivery and Interactive Engagement.

Software Solutions

Educational Apps.jpg

Intuitive easy to uses an integrated visitor management system

Intelli-H Remote patient monitoring platform

Cost effective and user friendly
Various Integrations


VR for Main Street

Bringing Our Reality Tools and Robotics to Main Street



The Personal Robot

Temi in Elderly Care

Temi in Retail

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