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HelloGard Welcomes Sarah Hoit to Advisory Board

[Texas, November 27 2023] – HelloGard, a leading innovator in bringing the best of innovation, design and robotics as a service to the senior living, healthcare and hospitality verticals, revolutionizing the way we live and work, is delighted to announce the addition of Sarah Hoit to its Advisory Board. With an impressive track record and extensive expertise as a social entrepreneur, executive and consultant in both the private and public sectors, Sarah brings a wealth of knowledge and strategic insight that will undoubtedly contribute to HelloGard's continued success in healthcare, senior living and hospitality.


HelloGard’s co-founder, Sanjeev Shetty expressed his enthusiasm for Sarah Hoit’s addition to the advisory board, stating, "We were always looking for someone to join us that understood our mission and shared our values. Sarah was the perfect match, and it's an honor to have her join our advisory board." 


Sarah Hoit is widely recognized for founding and leading various organizations that deliver meaningful social impact, such as Social Impact Partners and Chair of Connected Living, Inc., making her a standout figure in both the healthcare and senior living industries. Her commitment to harnessing the power of collaboration and technology to create accessible quality of life and create positive change in the workforce, aligns seamlessly with HelloGard's vision to use robotics and AI as a service to improve the quality of people’s lives within the healthcare, senior living and hospitality sectors. 


“HelloGard and vCare companion are making powerful strides to address labor shortages and I am proud to join their board. Their innovative staffing and workforce automation solutions are essential in today’s senior living, hospitality, and healthcare industries. Technology and innovation will be critical additions to workforce augmentation and reinvention,” said Sarah Hoit, co-founder and chairman of Social Impact Partners. 


As an Advisory Board member, Sarah will play a pivotal role in guiding HelloGard's strategic decisions, providing invaluable insights that will steer the company towards even greater heights. Her expertise and dedication will undoubtedly contribute to the company's ongoing commitment to revolutionizing and creating a positive change in the healthcare and senior living industries.


"We are confident that Sarah's addition to our Advisory Board will bring a fresh perspective and contribute significantly to our growth and success," said Sanjeev Shetty.


HelloGard looks forward to the exciting collaboration ahead and is eager to leverage Sarah Hoit’s expertise in shaping the future of workforce.

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