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StemiBot: MIT Scratch + temi

Inspire curiosity and a deep love for STEM subjects

StemiBot is more than just a robot - it's a catalyst for sparking curiosity and creativity in your students. By combining MIT Scratch and temi robotics, StemiBot offers unparalleled educational opportunities for hands-on learning.

From coding adventures to interactive storytelling, StemiBot engages students in STEM subjects like never before. Experience the future of education with StemiBot!

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​​Features and Use Cases:

​Get ready to explore the endless possibilities of StemiBot! Here are some cool features and use cases that will transform your classroom experience:

  • Greeting: StemiBot welcomes students with enthusiasm, setting a positive tone for the lesson.

  • Tour Guide: Take virtual field trips or explore historical landmarks with StemiBot as your guide.

  • Video Conference: Connect with experts or classrooms worldwide through interactive video conferences facilitated by StemiBot.

  • ChatGPT in Motion: Engage in dynamic conversations with the integrated ChatGPT while on the move with StemiBot.

  • Patrol: Ensure classroom security with StemiBot's patrol feature, providing peace of mind.

  • Drama Performance: Recreate scenes from movies like "Fool Me Once" with StemiBot's dramatic flair.

  • Entertainment: Host interactive games, quizzes, and storytelling sessions with StemiBot as the entertainer.

  • Coding Competitions: Challenge students to coding competitions where they program StemiBot to complete tasks.

  • Real-Life Problem Solving: Present real-world problems like healthcare issues for students to solve using Scratch and temi.

  • Preparation for Future Jobs: Equip students with essential skills for future careers by integrating StemiBot into your curriculum.

  • temi Interactive Activities: Enjoy hands-on learning experiences where students can interact with temi while exploring various subjects.

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