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temi GO is indeed the ideal option for operating open trays and serving food and beverages.


Deliver food, beverages, or anything else you choose to eateries, food courts, workplaces, shops, and many more. An autonomous point-to-point delivery mechanism will carry the goods from A to B without difficulty before moving on to the next assignment. Fully controlled via voice instructions, the temi centre platform, and on-screen controls.


Monthly HelloGard Care temi Go Subscription includes:

  • Robot Mapping

  • Locations On The Map

  • Mobile Application

  • Alexa/Hey temi Functions

  • Video Calls

  • Software Updates

  • temi Center Platform

  • Multi-Party Calls – Link Based

  • Scheduler

  • User Permissions Management

  • Map Backups

  • Greet Mode

  • Face Recognition

  • Sequencing

  • Tours

  • Conversation Q&A

  • Apps/App. Store

  • SDK

  • Custom Wakeup Name

  • Custom Screen

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