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Robotics for Enterprise Facilities

There are many benefits to using robotics and Artificial Intelligence in your enterprise facility. Over the last decade in cleaning technology, there has been a constant effort to improve cleaning performance through autonomous cleaning. Similarly for guidance and delivery robots, AI has gone all the way to being more personal and accessible, benefiting your facility manager and enhancing employees experience, every day by being a core part of this revolution.

Guiding, Patrol, and Greeter Robot

temi V3 can welcome guests into the facility and guide them into appropriate meeting room. A remote agent can drive the temi robot to provide a virtual concierge to guests, as well as security patrol. HelloGard can also develop an avatar to further enhance the guests experience while reducing the airport staff burden.


Cleaning Robot

The L50 Scrubber Robot is a cutting-edge cleaning robot. With its advanced technology and precise cleaning capabilities, this robot ensures that even the toughest stains and dirt are removed from your casino floors. Our Scrubber Robot is engineered to be durable and efficient, making it the perfect choice for any building. 

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