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Main Street 4.0

Local Leaders Leading From the Front of Technology

Welcome to a new technological era for Main Street. We are proud to be early pioneers in supporting local leaders' transition into our new economy. A new economy that will quickly embrace the new tools of 5G. These new tools include AI, robotics, biotech, nanotech, quantum computing, and five new realities.

Our Services

Welcome to a new technological era for Main Street. We are proud to be early pioneers in supporting local leaders' transition into our new economy.


Virtual Reality for or Main Street provides organizations with the education, skills training, and platforms to launch a Virtual Reality (VR) Department.


The upcoming VR Departments will readily embrace change, utilizing Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), and robotics to enhance customer experiences, foster meaningful connections through messaging, and empower employees.

  • VR Departments for Healthcare: Hospitals, Senior Living, Hospice

  • VR Departments for Business: Retail and Restaurants

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We will provide your team with the training to launch your VR Department in only 12-weeks. Our weekly program will include educational content, one-on-one coaching, and technology demonstrations.


This learning will help your team launch its first VR, AR, and robotics projects.  Upon completion, your team will have started its annual VR Department roadmap.


Virtual Reality for Main Street will train and support your VR Department in creating and safely delivering the four types of VR experiences. Our mission is to deploy our new immersive reality tool to support our loneliness crisis. It’s been validated that senior social isolation and loneliness is equivalent to smoking 15 cigarettes a day. 

A VR Hospital, Senior Living, or Hospice Department will deliver VR to combat this debilitating mental health challenge. In fact, a growing list of research suggests that social isolation and loneliness has negative physical and mental health consequences. Early research has even suggested that this isolation is an early indicator of dementia in seniors. 

  • Providing patients and isolated seniors with hyper-local VR experiences to connect with nature, places of worship, and the community.

  • Fun and engaging VR learning for patients and seniors that will look to improve cognitive learning and mental health.

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A VR Department will develop an annual campaign that will improve efficiencies and empower employees to embrace our new tools to improve customer experiences. Improving employee training in specific tasks, soft skills, and HR learnings

  • Reduce employee task load with robotics to focus on top customer experiences 

  • Deploying VR customer training to create lifelong customers through your brand’s journey

  • Launch in-store AR experiences to improve in-store navigation and product understanding


Employee Training Program

A core component of a VR Department is the launching of its next generation employee training programs. It’s quickly becoming validated that VR training is superior to traditional classroom learning.

We provide a variety of VR training options for an organization to deploy through your annual training roadmap. Moreover, we will support your team in the launch of AR and robotics training. These new training tools are more cost-effective and improve learning retention. 

Customer Training Programs

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Our new tools provide customers with new training models to better understand a brand’s product or service. A VR Department will provide the next generation of learning to its prospects and customers to improve its customer lifetime value metrics. Our VR, AR, and robotic training platforms will dramatically improve a prospects journey through your brand. 

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Virtual Reality for Main Street provides organizations or entire economic regions with the opportunity to create their digital twin in the Metaverse. This VR World will improve connection, training, and commerce.


A VR Department will develop and manage this digital twin. We provide VR Departments with three options to launch their journey into the Metaverse. We specialize in creating VR World’s with the best product on the market called Unreal Engine 5. 

  • Build Your Own VR World

  • Lease Space in VR World (like you would lease space in a real-world mall)

  • Rent a meeting room, conference room, or event center for your next event

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