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About Us

HelloGard brings the best of innovation, design and robotics as a service to senior living, healthcare and hospitality. To provide new age staffing and efficiency solutions. Based on years of research, development and customer feedback. HelloGard has effectively created workflows for operational efficiencies. 

Our Clients


To accelerate the senior care transition to robotics that would improve health & safety, resident quality of care, reduce healthcare professional burnout, and alleviate labor shortages.


To be the most engaging, friendly and easy platform that includes screening, indoor delivery, healthcare assistant, and social engagement platform.  

Meet Our Team


Johan Rahardjo

As the Managing Director of Can-Am Wireless LLC, Johan leads the company vision to be a solution provider of advanced IoT Internet of Things, Telematics, and mobility solutions for public and private sectors. Prior to leading Can-Am, he spent 17 years at Dell Technologies developing end user computing and enterprise datacenter solutions that drive business success. Prior to Dell Technology, he held an engineering role at General Electric motion control division, developing industrial vehicle motor control solutions. He has authored 28 USA Patents in the computing technology area that helps customers in their digital transformation journey. Johan holds a bachelor degree in Electrical Engineering and a Master degree in Computer Engineering. 


Ahana Shetty

Ahana Shetty has a Master’s in bioinformatics and has a passion for operations and account management. She brings deep expertise in person centered care and client relations.

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