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A Next Generation with HelloGard Automation

Powered by PurpleGrid

CX Automation Platform

Purplegrids offers an industry-leading no-coding hyperautomation platform that accelerates the design and deployment of Customer Experience Applications.

Platform features innovative Conversational AI and Robotics technologies that provide capabilities like intelligence, orchestration, integration, and decision-making for Virtual Agents, Chatbots, and Robots. With this, businesses can maximize customer interactions while reducing costs and improving efficiency.

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Automate Everything you can with Nextgen CX Automation Platform

One Sophisticated Platform

Empowering Intelligent Business Automation

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Scale Customer


Purplegrids gets you to manage more than 30 communication channels — like email, WhatsApp, Live Chat, social media, and more — in one collaborative platform so your team can work together swiftly on customer messages from any channel and build relationships that lasts.

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One Unified platform for AI-powered automation

Purplecloud platform uses intelligent automation for leveraging business process, case management, RPA, and process intelligence – all on a low-code platform that’s fortified with AI and NLP capabilities.

Chatbots, Flowbots, Robots, and NLP gets an artificial-intelligence boost that connects all the dots to optimize processes for maximum insightfulness and applicability. Best of all, Purplegrids adaptable hyperautomation tools continually get better, smarter, and faster as they learn – and their capability can be expanded as business momentum builds.

Visual Builder for workflows, messaging & chats with 1-Click deployment

Purplegrids provides a simple to use visual editor with prebuilt components, prebuilt integration, prebuilt domains so that any enterprise can quickly build your business solutions 10X faster and deploy to any channels, chatbots or robots with single click.

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Bringing new age customer engagement with AI-powered Robots

Dive Into the New Age of Customer Engagement by bringing AI to action with Service robots that are looking for innovative ways to delight customers while boosting their bottom line.

Now with Purplecloud enables your to bring automation to brick and mortar with innovate robotic solution to automate your customer experience. Purplegrids enables you to build you CX Apps that can be deployed to robots.

Pre-built Solutions for your industry

Solutions focused on sustaining and improving your business performance that have produced powerful results across a broad spectrum of industry types.

Better Benefits, Better Business

Bringing more value for your investments


Shorter Time To Value

Many Capabilities in One Platform. NeoCloud provides complete automation for all customer engagements that scale with your business.


Reduced Cost of Ownership

Our Platform allows our customers to  manage their solution without  complexity of building, scaling and maintaining infrastructure there by reduces the cost of ownership.


Increase Return of Investment

Our Platform helps organizations  increase their profitability by delegating mundane tasks to machines and spending time on activities that value to  customers.


Automation Rate

NeoCloud platform can get you up to 70% automation rate bases on your usecases.


Users Using the Platform

The platform services more than 1 Million users across all businesses.


Customer Satisfaction

Boost your Customer Satisfaction up to 20% using the platform.

  • How many channels does Purplegrids Support ?
    Purplegrids platform support the following channels, Web, SMS, Email, WhatsApp, Instagram, Telegram, Viber, Skype, Facebook, Twitter, Telegram, Slack, Google My Business, Native Apps in iOS & Android, Amazon Alexa, Google Voice, WeChat.
  • How are Purplegrids Virtual Assistants smarter than chatbots ?
    Purplegrids Virtual Assistants are contextual, proactive, self learning so as to converse in a natural human like interactions. The Conversation engine is empowered by a Customer Data Platform that provides multiple visitor specific information that empowers intelligence that empowers complex conversations to be handled at ease.
  • Does Purplegrids platform support robots ?
    Purplegrids platform provides direct interface to Temi, Pepper & Pudu Robots. The platform provides multiple capabilities to build and deploy robotic solutions for offline customer engagements that can be deployed and managed through robots.
  • Does Purplegrids platform connect with RPA (Robotic Process Automation) ?
    Yes, Purplegrids platform can directly integrate with RPA technology to automate conversational engagements with quick time to value. The convergence of conversational AI and intelligent automation is part of an extended omnichannel experience meant to facilitate faster, more personalized and responsive customer service.
  • What are the systems that can be integrated from Purplegrids Platform ?
    Purplegrids provides prebuilt integration with 200+ Enterprise systems, it also provides direct integration with Healthcare System, ERP, Data Warehouse, CRMs, HRIS, Contact Center Systems, IoT Devices and Robots. Its exhaustive list of integration capabilities provides support for hyper-automated conversations.
  • What is an FAQ section?
    An FAQ section can be used to quickly answer common questions about you or your business, such as “Where do you ship to?”, “What are your opening hours?” or “How can I book a service?” It’s a great way to help people navigate your site and can even boost your site’s SEO.

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