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Knightscope K1 - BG.jpg

K1 Hemisphere

When Size Matters

Indoor / Outdoor

Interactive Monitoring

Ideally suited for:
ATM vestibules, elevator queue, hallways, stairwells, electric vehicle charging stations, points of ingress/egress, lobbies, reception areas, and more.

yet feature filled.

The Knightscope K1 Hemisphere is a perfect entry point for commercial property owners, multi-family residential properties, banks, truck stops, loading docks, ports, rail, schools, and pretty much everywhere we can help improve the security and safety profile of the places we work, live, study and visit.  The Hemisphere can easily be mounted to a variety of surfaces or objects and has 3 cameras that provide up to 210-degrees of eye-level, high-definition video, a strobe light, automatic license plate recognition, facial recognition (optional), automated broadcast announcements, and intercom capability running on a wired or wireless network.


Maximum Speed

30 lbs.




Indoor & Outdoor

Terrain Capability





Who says security can't be elegant?

Cost Effective

  • Deploy multiple units per location

  • Smallest footprint, yet highly visible

 Feature Rich

  • Eye-level, streaming & recorded video

  • Two-way intercom

  • Broadcast announcements

  • People detection

  • License plate recognition

Much More

Book a Discovery Call with one of our experts to learn more about the K1 Hemisphere and how it very affordably fits into your security program.​


Knightscope Security Operations Center

Stay connected to your Autonomous Security Robot (ASR) fleet via the Knightscope Security Operations Center (KSOC) user interface.  Receive live alerts and access real-time data around the clock, ensuring you’ll always have the power of our technology at your fingertips.  Knightscope has you covered 24/7/365.

Where will you place your Hemisphere?

Mount Almost Anywhere

Concrete, brick, stucco, wood,
metal plate, pole or sheetrock.

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