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deliver robot for hotels

Experience Seamless Hospitality with Our Delivery Robots

Our delivery robots are revolutionizing the hospitality industry, providing hotels and resorts with a streamlined and efficient solution for their delivery needs. Our advanced technology guarantees speedy and accurate service, taking convenience to the next level. Allow us to enhance your hospitality experience with our cutting-edge delivery robots!

Delivery Robot

Keenon W3 is the perfect solution for delivering food, drinks, towels or any other amenities to guest rooms.

Autonomous point to point delivery system, will take the items from point A to B flawlessly and continue to the next task. Fully controlled by on screen commands.

1615259652631516 (1).png

Cleaning Robot

Our vacuum robot is the perfect solution for hotels and hospitality businesses looking to streamline their cleaning processes. With advanced navigation and sensing technology, our robot is able to map out any space and automatically navigate around furniture, ensuring no spot is left uncleaned. 

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