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Software Solutions

HelloGard is equipped with cutting edge software to add another layer of safety and protection to your communities/businesses

HelloGard Care

HelloGard Care is a hands-on virtual support that ensures your robot functions to the best of its ability within your community. We highly recommend HelloGard Care as it maximizes the value that your robot can bring to your community constituents. HelloGard Care contains the following:  

● Onboarding 

● Ongoing (Escalated) Support 

● Monthly Calls


HelloGard Health Coordination and Patient Management Solution

for co-Morbid Patients with its state of the art



VR for Main Street

Thermal scanner with high resolution thermographic technology. The widest distance, fastest speed, highly accurate and FDA Registered Integrated temi robotics with the best voice system, navigation and engagement.

Local Leaders Leading From the Front of Technology

Welcome to a new technological era for Main Street. We are proud to be early pioneers in supporting local leaders' transition into our new economy. A new economy that will quickly embrace the new tools of 5G. These new tools include AI, robotics, biotech, nanotech, quantum computing, and five new realities.

A Next Generation with HelloGard Automation

Powered by PurpleGrid

CX Automation Platform

Purplegrids offers an industry-leading no-coding hyperautomation platform that accelerates the design and deployment of Customer Experience Applications.

Platform features innovative Conversational AI and Robotics technologies that provide capabilities like intelligence, orchestration, integration, and decision-making for Virtual Agents, Chatbots, and Robots. With this, businesses can maximize customer interactions while reducing costs and improving efficiency.

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