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At HelloGard how we choose our partners are companies who think about:

  • The customer: Building relationships with Customers as a differentiator & foundation for success

  • Winning together: Putting people first and working as a team

  • Innovation: Breakthrough thinking in solving customer challenges

  • Results: Deliver on what we promise

  • Integrity: Winning with integrity as our guiding principle

Telehealth +Remote Patient Healthcare


IntelliH, Inc. was founded with a mission to build and provide a Platform as a Service to enable Patients, engage Physicians to spend more time with their Patients, and empower organizations to improve efficiencies. The IntelliH Platform was conceived and developed by Physicians, Medical Informaticians, Data Scientists and founders who thoroughly understood the challenges being faced by Healthcare organizations. IntelliH platform collates Telehealth services and Remote Patient Monitoring aided with Advanced Analytics, delivering timely insights to Providers and Patients for achieving improved outcomes.

Robotics + AI 

The temi team Is committed to a robotic future that empowers and enhances human abilities, enriches human experiences and delivers intuitive, reliable and fun products that are usable by all. Featuring state of the art AI, and a system of sensors and cameras, tēmi will seamlessly enter your life, perfectly navigating the most dynamic environment you can imagine. tēmi offers you an effortless way to connect with online content and friends. This is the personal robot experience we have always imagined, and using it is as easy as turning on a light. 




Ottonomy robots help navigate businesses with staffing shortages for retail and restaurant industries. Our fully autonomous robots can deliver food & beverages, groceries, and packages to curbside, last mile and even indoor environments. Ottonomy robots are available on a "RaaS" (Robotics as a Service) model. Our business customers get access to quicker, safer, and more economical delivery option as compared to traditional 3rd party delivery services. Above all, these robots are set to reduce carbon emissions and improve quality of life.

A National Network of Shared Hospital Interpreter Services

The Health Care Interpreter Network (HCIN) is a mission‑driven, non-profit membership organization comprising dozens of hospitals and health systems nationwide. Our members share a commitment to eliminating barriers to care for patients with limited English proficiency (LEP) and those who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing, and to elevating the profession of healthcare interpreting.

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Wireless Communications 

Founded in 2001, Can-Am Wireless LLC dba Can-Am IT Solutions provides Telecommunications and Information Technology Hardware & Software for Fortune-500 Enterprise Corporate and State/Local Government clients in USA and Canada.

Our Partners

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