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Best AI-powered Autonomous Cleaning and Service Robots in the World! Our Autonomous Floor Cleaning Robots Are Applied in a Wide Range of Facilities! 40+ Countries

Extensive Application and Wide Recognition. Our autonomous floor cleaning robots are applied in a wide range of facilities, trusted by customers from a variety of industries.

Gausium Phantas

  • all in one cleaning solutions for both hard and soft flooring

  • effortlessly accessing and cleaning under-table area

  • quiet operation without disturbing your staff

  • auto spot cleaning , 4x efficiency improvement while minimizing water and power consumption

  • autonomously taking elevator to perform inter-floor cleaning

  • extended uptime and minimized human intervention by docking station


Gausium Vacuum 40

  • Vacuuming, Sweeping, Dust mopping, sanitizing/scenting

  • A vacuuming expert for all sorts of carpet surface

  • H13 medical-grade air purifying capability

  • add-on diffusing kit for indoor atomizing disinfection and/or aroma diffusion

  • smart avoidance and path planning

Phantas_front copy.jpg

Gausium Scrubber50

  • Scrubbing, Sweeping, Dut mopping, sanitizing

  • Floor cleaning expert for all sorts of hard surfaces

  • Auto spot cleaning, 4X efficiency improvement while minimizing resource consumption

  • multi state filtration system that saves water consumption by 80%

  • add-on sanitizing kit for atomizing disinfection

  • Extended uptime and minimized human intervention by docking station

Gausium Scrubber50.jpg
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