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HelloGard Care

HelloGard Care is a hands-on virtual support that ensures your robot functions to the best of its ability within your community. We highly recommend HelloGard Care as it maximizes the value that your robot can bring to your community constituents. HelloGard Care contains the following:  

● Onboarding 

● Ongoing (Escalated) Support 

● Monthly Calls


Services Included

To ensure that your robot is operating to the best of its ability, we take a consultative approach by first working with you to understand exactly how you want to use your robot to better connect and engage your community members. Then we walk you through the onboarding and setup process to ensure that your robot's fundamental operations are in place.

This includes a full tutorial on the robot's autonomous navigation capabilities and hands-on assistance in your home base's setup, tailored settings suggestions based on Community needs & environment, and more.  

During this onboarding process, we also assist in the setup of any integrated technologies with your robot.

Lastly, we assist your community's robot admin in the best way to use the robot and to manage your fleet of robots. This will be accomplished with one meeting. If necessary, we will provide further clarification in a follow-up meeting.



On Going Support

With HelloGard Care, we will meet with your community's admin for 30-60 minutes each month to assist with any operational challenges the robot may encounter.

This monthly meeting will also be time to discuss and brainstorm different ways to further drive engagement with the robot in your community. Furthermore, this will be the time to gain essential feedback on how the robot is functioning and any feature suggestions that we can expedite to the robot development team.


Please contact us for special pricing.

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