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Provide an automated remote patient monitoring, telemedicine, delivery, and germ-free environment for you patients/personnel with data-driven smart robots.

Utilizing robotics and Artificial Intelligence in your hospital facility offers numerous advantages. In the realm of cleaning technology, consistent endeavors over the past decade have aimed at enhancing efficiency through autonomous cleaning methods. Likewise, in the case of guidance and delivery robots, AI has evolved to become more personalized and user-friendly, benefiting medical personnel and elevating the daily experience of patients. These technologies have become integral to a transformative revolution.

Guiding, Patrol, and Greeter Robot

temi V3 can welcome people into the hospital and guide them into appropriate hospital room. A remote agent can drive the temi robot to provide a virtual concierge to patients, as well as language translation between doctors and patients. A Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) technology via the temi robot will facilitate telemedicine.  HelloGard can also develop an avatar to further enhance the passenger experience while reducing the medical staff burden.


Delivery Robot

Ottobot Brew blends technology and convenience, revolutionizing premium mobile beverage service. It has an ultra-portable smart cooler and CO₂-driven draft system for automatic dispensing of various beverages. Ottobot Brew’s platform enables users to effortlessly order, select, pay, and receive drinks at their location with unparalleled ease.


Cleaning Robot

Our AI-Powered Scrubber-Dryer Robot is productive, intelligent, safe, hassle-free and sustainable. With its ability to adapt to changing enviornment.

cenobot l50 cleaning robot

Delivery Robot

Keenon W3 is the perfect solution for delivering food, drinks, towels or any other amenities to guest rooms.

Autonomous point to point delivery system, will take the items from point A to B flawlessly and continue to the next task. Fully controlled by on screen commands.

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