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HelloGard Care Deluxe offers all the support and service features of HelloGard Care Basic with enhanced benefits. In addition to access to the temi cloud center, HelloGard Deluxe offers hands-on virtual support to ensure your temi robots function is at the highest level.  This plan is ideal for businesses that want to outperform. We always recommend HelloGard Care Deluxe as it maximizes the value your temi robot can deliver. HelloGard Care Deluxe has the following additional add-ons:



  • Customized consultation: To ensure that your temi robot operates at peak potential, we schedule a personalized consultation to understand exactly how you want your temi robot to connect and engage and walk you through the end-to-end setup process.
  • Tutorial and integration: we take you through a full tutorial on your temi’s autonomous navigation capabilities and offer hands-on assistance for your home base setup and tailored settings based on community needs and the environment, and much more. We can also help set up integrated technologies for your temi.
  • Admin meeting(s): Lastly, we assist your community's robot admin in using and managing your temi robot fleet. This is accomplished in a single meeting, but if essential, HelloGard can provide further clarification in an additional follow-up meeting.


  • Staff meeting: We will meet with your staff for 30-60 minutes each month to assist with any operational challenges the robot may encounter. Our monthly meeting will be timed to discuss and brainstorm innovative ways to further drive engagement with the temi robot in your community. This will be the time to gain essential feedback on how the robot is functioning and any feature suggestions that we can expedite to the robot development team.
  • Monthly calls: As your business evolves, so will your temi. Our team will be there to provide continuous support, updates, and enhancements.

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