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Solving Senior Living Staffing Challenges with Autonomous Service Robots


Our state-of-the-art vacuum and scrubber robots deliver convenience and ease when it comes to Senior Living. Delivering a hands-free cleaning experience helps to keep senior living residences sterile and pristine day after day. Say goodbye to the hassle of manual cleaning when you choose HelloGard’s range of advanced robots to keep senior living spaces fresh and healthy.


Our delivery robots integrate cutting-edge technology with user-friendly design, making them the ideal solutions when it comes to delivering meals, medication, and other essentials necessary for the safety and comfort of aging seniors. Powered by AI algorithms and equipped with advanced sensors, our fleet can navigate safely and efficiently around a variety of objects and obstacles.


HelloGard's robots are purpose-built to deliver assistance and genuine companionship to seniors. Prioritizing safety above all else, our fleet offers a range of curated features meticulously tailored to meet the unique needs of seniors.

Vacuum Robot

The CenoBots SP50 Vacuum provides an ideal solution for maintaining cleanliness in senior living communities. Equipped with AI and 3D Lidar, the CenoBots SP50 operates autonomously, self-charges, and never loses its way. It seamlessly cleans all floor surfaces in both regular and spot-cleaning modes, making it perfect for high-traffic common-areas as well as long resident hallways.


Cleaning Robot

The CenoBots L50 Scrubber is a cutting-edge floor cleaning marvel. Equipped with a Nvidia AI chip and 3D Lidar, it ensures precise sanitization of your non-carpeted surfaces. With the L50, say goodbye to stubborn stains, dirt, and germs in your senior living community. The L50 self-charges, self-empties, and never loses its way. Welcome to a cleaner, smarter future with the L50 Scrubber.


Delivery Robot

The Keenon T10 is the industry frontrunner for dining room food and beverage delivery and bussing. It is equipped with an extra-large digital screen that can display advertisements, menus, daily specials, and daily activities. Engineered to optimize delivery processes, the T10 complements existing staff, allowing them to remain on the floor and provide top-tier, responsive service to residents.


Delivery Robot

The Keenon W3 is the quintessential solution for secure delivery of food, beverages, packages, and amenities to resident rooms and various departments. Featuring four distinct holding cabins and autonomous point-to-point delivery, the W3 ensures multiple item deliveries in a single trip. The W3 can be fully controlled using on-screen commands and can even navigate elevators.

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Delivery Robot

The Ottobot is a highly versatile last-mile delivery robot capable of making precise indoor and outdoor deliveries. This fully autonomous robot can streamline multiple deliveries in a single trip. From villas to outbuildings, the Ottobot can securely transport almost anything – including food and beverages, groceries, packages, parts, tools, and even medicines - across your senior living community.

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