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Handheld Scrubber

T-Clean X2

Effortless cleaning companion 

Reaching Beyond Boundaries

Revolutionize your cleaning routine with X2, designed to tackle areas untouched by traditional counterparts. With a compact and maneuverable design, this innovative equipment excels in reaching challenging spaces such as sink floors. Its adaptability ensures thorough cleaning in areas where other scrubber dryers fall short, making it the ideal choice for a comprehensive and efficient cleaning experience. Elevate your cleaning game with a solution that goes beyond boundaries to achieve spotless results.

Portable Cleaning Power

The X2 is the ultimate solution for seamless cleaning, offering the convenience of easy transport and storage. Its compact size and innovative transport design make it incredibly easy to maneuver and store. Whether you need to navigate tight spaces or move between different locations, the X2 scrubber dryer is up to the task. Its lightweight and space-saving design ensure that you can effortlessly store and transport it wherever you need to go, making it the perfect cleaning companion for any environment. With the X2 scrubber dryer, you'll experience unmatched ease and convenience in your cleaning routine.

Effortless Cleaning Management

Experience hassle-free management with X2, which offers advanced capabilities for seamless oversight. Through our mobile app and web-based portal, receive detailed cleaning reports and effortlessly identify underperforming sites and machines. Furthermore, the WiFi indoor positioning technology of the X2 provides administrators with real-time visual insight into the cleaning status via the map on our mobile app and web-based portal, allowing for efficient identification of cleaned and uncleared areas.

Seamless Location Management

The X2 is equipped with comprehensive positioning technology, enabling administrators to easily track the precise locations of all X2 units for efficient management. The electric fence feature provides added security, notifying administrators in real-time if an X2 scrubber dryer has strayed beyond its designated area, thus deterring theft or unauthorized use.

Real-time machine location can be received though mobile app and web-based portal.

Effortless Cleaning Companion

The X2 offers unparalleled productivity and safety benefits in floor cleaning, being 4 times faster than traditional wet mopping. With its powerful vacuum performance, it leaves the floor dry, reducing the risk of slipping and creating a safer environment.

The X2 prioritizes efficiency and safety, making it the ideal choice for all floor cleaning needs.

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