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Robotics & Workforce Automation


HelloGard Robotics is on a mission to advance human-centered industries for the good of all. Our autonomous service robots enable your workforce to perform tasks more efficiently and effectively. By shifting the burden of repetitive tasks from humans to robots, HelloGard is solving the most important challenges people-centric businesses face today - a shortage of qualified personnel, exorbitant staffing costs, and overburdened employees. 

HelloGard solutions seamlessly integrate cutting-edge technologies including Robotics, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Natural Language Processing (NLP), and Sensor Technology - all enhanced by world class customer support to help your business realize greater returns on investments.

The Benefits

increase productivity

1 HelloGard = 24 hours of 


improve statisfaction ratings

Improves Satisfaction


tracking and reports

Daily Activity &

Engagement Tracking Reports

real time data

Real-time Access to Data for Better Decision Making

cheaper cost

$3.5 / hr vs 

Regular Staffing Cost $20-50

increase occupancy

Increases Occupancy

Industry Leading Command Center Monitoring-01.png

Industry Leading Command Center Monitoring

Flexible Financing Options-01 (1).png

Flexible Financing Options

Our Robot Lineup


Proprietary Software

HelloGard is investing in cutting-edge software development to amplify the efficiency, effectiveness, and protection of your business.

  • HelloGard Care

  • Command Center

  • HelloGard Health

  • HelloGard AI Avatar

  • HelloGard Automation

  • Various Integrations

  • vCare Companion 


Our Clients


Jeff Huegli, CEO, & April Schaab, Operations Director,

Beacon Hill at Eastgate