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HelloGard Care Basic

HelloGard Care Basic is an enhancement to the temi robot offering with temi cloud center.

Temi Center lets you fully manage and control a fleet of temi robots from the web using automatic sequences and additional necessary features:


● Fleet Management - Real time command and control multiple robots with web based solution and user friendly management system

● Remote Control - Send temi to saved locations, drive temi anywhere on the map, and Telepresence

● Map configuration - Add/edit locations and their paths, create virtual walls, save/import/export your map

● Sequences - Make temi do what you want, go to locations, show videos, play music & speak, all automated

● Dynamic mode - Define temi's human-detection mode, personalized temi's behavior when greeting, control temi's movement when interacting

● Contacts - Generate groups of contacts for your temi, save & edit face recognitions features, personalize contacts for your temi

Temi HelloGard Care Basic Monthly

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HelloGardCare Basic
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$135.00every month until canceled
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