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Your One-Stop Shop for
Robotics & Workforce Automation

HelloGard Robotics effectively diminishes staff burnout while boosting operational efficiency. This results in greater contentment and safety as it simplifies the delivery of quality care. Moreover, it brings about financial savings for businesses and their customers alike.


Our revolutionary technology seamlessly integrates sensor technology, Natural Language Processing (NLP), and robotics, all enhanced by world class support and analytics to realize ROI.

Our A.I. based solutions offer comprehensive business intelligence and customer behavior, while monitoring performance, optimizing operations and uncovering potential issues.

Jeff Huegli, CEO, & April Schaab, Operations Director,

Beacon Hill at Eastgate

"The customer service has been extremely amazing from HelloGard | CenoBots. They have answered our calls and messages at all times during the day. We have asked them small questions to large request, and they have always followed through. They have also taken our feedback and made adjustments to the machines for us quickly. I have to repeat that the service has been excellent  and I really think this was a great investment for the hospital.

I highly recommend HelloGard | CenoBots and the service they provide."

David Harris, Director of Environmental Services, University Health System

"Our guests and our employees love our Keenon T5 robot. Randi the robot has performed flawlessly and continuously since the day of installation. Team members love the support they receive from Randy and our guests, and in particular the kids, absolutely love Randy. HelloGard has been an excellent partner for us to work with.  They understand our business and the initial installation and training was all completed within a couple of hours and Randy went to work immediately and has never stopped since!"

Denis Floge, CEO, Sky City Casino

“At Inn of the Mountain Gods, HelloGard's robots have revolutionized our operations and guest experience. The Keenon W3 delivery robot ensures swift and accurate service, impressing guests with its futuristic charm as it navigates our halls. Meanwhile, the CenoBots cleaning robots tirelessly maintain our resort's pristine allure, allowing our staff to focus on specialized tasks. These robots have become integral to our team, enhancing efficiency, and setting new standards for excellence in hospitality. We are proud to partner with HelloGard in pioneering the future of guest service.” 

Frizzel, Chief Operating Officer, Inn of the Mountain Gods, Mescalero Apache Reservation

Industries We Serve




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Senior Living

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Our Robot Lineup

increase productivity

1 HelloGard = 24 hours of 


improve statisfaction ratings

Improves Satisfaction


The Benefits

tracking and reports
cheaper cost

Daily Activity &

Engagement Tracking Reports

$3.5 / hr vs 

Regular Staffing Cost $20-50

real time data

Real-time Access to Data for Better Decision Making

increase occupancy

Increases Occupancy


Software Solutions

HelloGard is equipped with cutting edge software to add another layer of safety and protection to your communities/businesses

HelloGard Care

temi Center

HelloGard Health

HelloGard AI Avatar

HelloGard Automation

Various Integrations

Vital Probe

vCare Companion


Our Clients

cincinnati children hospital
inn of the mountain gods casino
santa ana casino
the children inn at NIH
university health system
pinotti pizza
beacon hill at eastgate
nuve dental
sky city casino
mci diagnostic center
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